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About OBB Trains

OBB (Austrian Federal Railways) is a provider of extensive mobility services, taking 474 million passengers to their destinations annually.

One of the OBB Trains’ advantages is climate-friendly services as 100 percent of the power used for the railway network is produced from renewable resources. OBB ranked among the most punctual railway operators in Europe in 2018 with a punctuality rate of around 96 percent.

​Every day 41,641 employees working on the railway ensure that 1.3 million passengers safely get to their destinations.

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Train Types Operated by OBB

The comfortable trains operated by OBB is the best and easiest way to journey through Austria and admire gorgeous alpine landscapes, historic towns and as well as lavish valleys. Here you can find out more about OBB's long-distance and suburban trains.

Railjet Train

Being the most modern OBB' track, Railjet trains bridge entire Austria and the neighboring cities in Germany, Switzerland, Hungary, Italy, the Czech Republic, and Slovakia moving at a speed of 230 km/h (143 mph). Having all the necessary modern amenities, Railjet trains provide a great opportunity to work, relax, and enjoy the magnificent views during the ride. Also, If you're looking to explore more of Europe, consider taking the Prague to Vienna train. This scenic route will take you through some of the most beautiful landscapes in the world. ​Moreover, taking Vienna to Prague train is a great way to see the countryside of both countries. The journey is about four and a half hours, and you'll get to see some picturesque villages and rolling hills.

Nightjet Train

Nightjet overnight train, operated by the Austrian Federal Railways (OBB), is one of the best and comfortable ways to travel around Europe. Nightjet route map is quite extensive, so modern Nightjet train can take around the most popular destinations of Germany, Austria, Italy, and Switzerland a maximum speed up to 230 km/h (143 mi/h) while you're peacefully sleeping. This Nightjet European sleeper offers 3 travel classes: sleeper, couchette, and seated carriages. Sleeper compartments can be triple, double or single while couchette compartments are from four to six people, which makes it the best option for holidays with family or friends.

Eurocity (EC) and Intercity (IC) Trains

The Eurocity trains is a bridge for Austria to its neighboring countries. On trains passengers will find compartment cars (for women traveling alone there is a separate ladies' compartment), air-conditioned open cars, and an onboard restaurant with food and beverages.

Intercity trains are the addition to the Eurocity and the Railjet. Trains are used for national long-distance travel and include first-class cars. Furthermore, intercity trains offer passengers air-conditioned open cars, compartment cars, a separate ladies' compartment, and a breast-feeding compartment together with a special compartment for toddlers. Taking the Budapest to Vienna train is another option if you want to see more of Europe with Eurocity train. Moreover, Vienna to Budapest train ride is a great way to see countries' breathtaking landscapes.​

Intercity-Express Train

OBB's modern, safe, and comfortable Intercity-Express is the second high-speed train in addition to the Railjet. It reaches a top speed of 230 km/h (143 mph) on long-distance routes.

The Intercity-Express offers passengers 2 comfort classes (1st and 2nd), air-conditioned open cars and comfortable cozy seats with electrical outlets, the seats in 1st class also include reading lamps.

​An on board restaurant offers food and beverages if you missed your meal. Also, the Intercity-Express provides a special compartment for travelers with babies or toddlers up to 3 years of age.

Regional Trains

OBB has an extensive list of regular trains. Offering 6 types: OBB Cityjet, OBB Talent, OBB Desiro, Bi-level push pull train, Cityshuttle push pull train, and eletric railcar 4020. These trains address the various needs of every kind of passenger, but the amenities vary from train to train.

Regional Train​s are slower than the high speed trains, and for travelers convenience stop more frequently. The trains travel at speed from 120 (75 mi/h) to 160 km/h  (99 mi/h) and are equipped with air-conditioning, cozy adjustable seats, and comfortable low-level entrances.

OBB Train Tickets

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