OBB Railjet High-Speed Train

Rail Rides with Exceptional Comfort at Maximum Speed of 230 km/h

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Traveling by Railjet Train

As the most modern OBB's track, Railjet high-speed trains provide modern comforts that are important for you: work, relax, drink coffee or tea, and enjoy the magnificent views along the ride!

Moving at a speed of 230 km/h (143 mph) Railjet trains bridge entire Austria and the neighboring cities in Germany, Hungary, Switzerland, Italy, the Czech Republic, and Slovakia. For your comfort, all cars boast free WiFi, wonderful onboard entertainments, onboard restaurant. Moreover, quiet and family zones will gift you the utmost travel experience onboard. Take a look at one of the most picturesque and easy traveling routes operated by Railjet: Vienna to Budapest train, train from Budapest to Vienna, train from Vienna to Prague and Prague to Vienna train.

Railjet Rail Route Map
The Railjet Rail Route Map outlines the extensive network of high-speed trains operated by the Austrian Federal Railways (ÖBB). This network connects major cities in Austria with neighboring countries such as Germany, Switzerland, Hungary, and the Czech Republic. The map highlights key routes, including those from Vienna to Salzburg, Innsbruck, Zurich, and Munich. Each route is color-coded for easy navigation and understanding of the different service lines. Stations on the map are marked with symbols indicating available amenities like dining, parking, and accessibility features. The Railjet trains offer premium services, including first-class seating, Wi-Fi, and dining cars, providing a comfortable travel experience. The map is an essential tool for travelers planning their journey, ensuring they can easily identify their desired routes and connections.

Railjet Xpress Rail Route Map

The Railjet Xpress Rail Route Map details the specialized high-speed train services provided by the Austrian Federal Railways (ÖBB), known for their efficiency and speed. This map prominently features the key Xpress routes, primarily focusing on the rapid connections between major cities like Vienna, Salzburg, Innsbruck, and Graz. These express routes are designed to minimize travel time, offering fewer stops and faster travel between destinations. The map uses distinct colors and symbols to differentiate Xpress routes from standard Railjet services, making it easy for passengers to plan their journeys. Key international connections to cities such as Munich, Zurich, and Budapest are also highlighted, showing the extensive reach of the Xpress services. Stations on the map include icons for facilities like Wi-Fi, dining options, and accessibility features, ensuring passengers are well-informed about the amenities available. The Railjet Xpress Rail Route Map is an invaluable resource for travelers seeking the fastest and most efficient rail travel options in Austria and beyond.

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Railjet Compartments & Comfort Classes
Whatever it is - family travel or a holiday with friends - sit back in a comfortable seat and revel in the ride. OBB Railjet will satisfy every traveler's needs as there are 3 comfort classes available for you: Economy, First, and Business Class.

Railjet Economy (Second) Class

A second-class ticket allows you to travel in the Railjet's Economy Class with a number of comfortable amenities:

​Economy Class Amenities

  • Modern seats in open cars
  • Compartments (6 seats)
  • Capacious luggage racks
  • Multifunctional tables
  • One Electric plug per double seat
  • Air-conditioner​ on-board
  • Restaurant and bistro car
  • Wi-Fi
  • Children's cinema
  • Repeater for optimized mobile communications reception
2d class

Railjet Economy Class Seats Map

Railjet First Class

Buy an OBB ticket for 1st class and enjoy first-class services with even more comfort.

First Class Amenities (additionally to Economy Class)
  • Personal adjustable seats
  • Wider legroom
  • More space between the seats sideways
  • Wider tables
Note: First Class Seats don't contain compartments with 6 seats.
1st class

Railjet First Class Seats Map

Railjet Business Class

Upgrade your 1st class ticket to use Railjet's Business Class with ultimate comfort.

Business Class Amenities
  • ​Maximum leg room
  • High-quality leather seat covers
  • Individually adjustable seats with adaptable back rests and leg rests
  • Spacious folding tables
  • Reading lamps
  • Quiet harmonious working conditions
  • Wi-Fi
  • One electrical plug per seat for laptops or other electronic devices
  • Spacious work surfaces​
business class

Railjet Business Class Seats Map


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